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“Why isn’t Rolfing® structural integration more popular?”

The title question came from a long-time client who came in for a session 2 days ago. I had just “fixed” her “achilles tendonitis” caused when she fell and twisted in her strap sandals and she was very happy. (Let … Continue reading

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Running Shoes: how to pick them out

An article in the New York Times this weekend shows the pragmatic approach that I like to see when talking about running shoes. When trying on running shoes (or any other kind of shoes) first make sure that you … Continue reading

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structural and movement integration for horses

I had already worked with 4 horses when I decided to take a course in Lexington KY with Mary Therese Agneessens, a former Rolfer™ who had busted out into the four-legged world.  She rightly calls her work structural integration for … Continue reading

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The Rolfer™ and Psychology

Before this afternoon, I could have sworn that psychoanalysis is dead. Freud’s essays charting the vast unscientific realm of his huge creativity remain, and his ideas permeate our culture, but mostly it seems we have wondered off into all kinds … Continue reading

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Pinchas Zukerman and the quest for the Holy Grail

The Grail plays a different role in all the myths in which it appears, but in most versions, the hero must prove himself worthy to be in its presence. This is never more true than in New York, where Zukerman … Continue reading

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Baseball: RonThompson, Craig Swan, Rolfing® structural integration

When former Mets pitcher Craig Swan first became a Rolfer™ it was big news in the little pond of Rolfing® structural integration. A year later, in 1988, one of his Rolfing buddies talked him into hosting our NorthEast Regional Rolf … Continue reading

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“The” article

Hard to argue with an article which is ringing my phone off the hook, but here it is: I haven’t seen something so cliched in a long while. I feel sorry for the Rolfer who spent so much time with … Continue reading

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Porgy Anniversary: Remembrance of Todd Duncan

I’ve never heard live music that I didn’t like, especially the unamplified kind. Most especially I like the unamplified kind where performers are spilling their emotions out all over the stage and all over the audience with great technique and … Continue reading

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Pain, Proust, Nerve Growth Factor

Mouse sarcomas and snake venom figured prominently in the prizes of the Nobel Laureates of 1986 for their studies of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). A couple of years before that, in my certification class (1984) at the Rolf Institute … Continue reading

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