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The Philadelphia Eagles and The Joy of Living on the Grid

The Eagles play their postponed game tonight at the Philadelphia Stadium.  Tonight, they won’t yet have their wonderful new system for generating their own power, though  70 thousand people will create different power, and woe betide their opponents! Flashback to … Continue reading

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Fix your own dang Bunion: the Sequel

Attention Subscribers: If you care to, I will do a free Skype coaching with you on this technique. If you want this free coaching, and you are not a subscriber, all you have to do is sign up, push the … Continue reading

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The Rolfer™, the Roller Derby Doctor, and dystonia

It has been a few years since rehabilitation physician Judith Peterson M.D. decided to leave Philadelphia and her work at Jefferson Hospital and the Pennsylvania Ballet. Her husband, a cancer doc, wanted to go back to South Dakota and she … Continue reading

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The 3rd Eye

There is a deep place within us that observes without judgement, lack, satiation, desire, worry, fear of death, frenzy, need of attainment, all or any attribute(s). That deep place has been given various names throughout history when encountered by humans. … Continue reading

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Rolfer™ “Gamer Granny” takes on Carpal Tunnel

Yikes! Severe neglect of this blog recently! I have been so mesmerized by the new World of Warcraft “Cataclysm” release that although I still play my usual 2 to 3 hours in the evening, some of the visuals have … Continue reading

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