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Diva Renee Fleming makes herself small at the Academy of Music

I think we all do it…make ourselves small from time to time. Renee Fleming, probably 6’4″ tall in her spike heels and solid as a brick outhouse, though not fat, stood tall in the first part of the 154th Anniversary … Continue reading

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The Dowager Hump: “Fixing” it

Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t personally have to worry about the dowager hump.  I just fixed them when clients came in and showed them some ideas to maintain the fix.  Then, things changed for me. The neck … Continue reading

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Getting “hot”. or–Cold weather spawns Hot Springs thoughts

Well, this topic is not what you may have thought it at first glance.  We are not going to sit around congratulating ourselves about how “hot” we are (a recent topic of conversation I overheard in a coffee shop).  Personally … Continue reading

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Roman Totenberg@100:”I’m not dead yet!”

It has been some 37 years since I first took my son to an audition for Roman Totenberg in Boston.  We were newly arrived from the Midwest, and one of the first orders of business was to find a violin … Continue reading

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“Fixing” yoga injuries of extension

Picture yourself in your yoga class—your yoga class of your choice–-trying to do an extension pose, one that involves a swan dive look. But—you can’t.  What is not working?  The likely stopper: a stuck chest/back, a “barrel chest” that does not … Continue reading

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What this Rolfer™ thinks about while working: including her love of the colon (of punctuation)

Tonight I just got done with a session, a sixth hour of Rolfing® Structural Integration where I had certain goals involving a huge well-established scoliotic pattern. The pattern was established most overtly through the bottom part of the ribs, the … Continue reading

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Fix your own dang Bunion: the Videos

Ok, let’s get this straight–you certainly could have surgery on your bunion!  If you want, I’m sure that your friends who have had the surgery will be happy to recommend a surgeon.  Mostly in my practice as a Rolfer™ I … Continue reading

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