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Is it (Real) Rolfing® Structural Integration?

As thinkers go in the structural integration world, just like everywhere else that I know, we have those who proclaim the “letter of the law” as handed to them on personal flaming tablets. Truth is, the average person has no … Continue reading

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The Rolfing® Structural Integration “Core”: an experience

It is very du jour to talk about strengthening your “core” these days.  This “core” word is one of those Rolfing SI words that made it into the Common Knowledge totally trashed of its real meaning, probably through a misguided … Continue reading

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Some Cognitive Archeology of Rolfing® Structural Integration

The 40th anniversary of the legal founding of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration is upon us.  Examinations of Rolfing SI itself and attempts to add to it from all fronts, as usual, are abounding.  Additions or throwbacks are always … Continue reading

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