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Bill (Spaceman) Lee at the Rowe Center (again)

Sumer is icumen in, lude sing cuckoo! has never been more entertaining than with noted wackadoo and former American League All-Star left-handed pitcher Bill Lee. He will be expounding on baseball and pitching every inning (both sides) for a weekend … Continue reading

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On being airlifted out to Kathmandu…

This springtime and a fortuitous post by Rolfer™Sandy Collins on our Rolfing® SI forum have caused me to remember the brave folks of my practice: the ones who come in with their jaw half kicked off from kickboxing, those who … Continue reading

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Shift Happens: Why Rolfing® Structural Integration Lasts

When I was writing my paper to get into the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, 1982, one of the questions was, “Speculate on the reasons why Rolfing SI lasts”. Now, fast forward to 2011, and there is still only speculation … Continue reading

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“…the roses had the look of flowers that are looked at.”

The above line from “Burnt Norton” by T.S. Eliot is all the more haunting in its full surrounding lines. In part: “And the bird called, in response to The unheard music hidden in the the shrubbery, And the unseen eyebeam … Continue reading

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