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Semiotics of Neurophysiology and history in Rolfing® Structural and Movement Integration

Subtitle: Post-Traumatic Stress, The Polyvagal Theory, Sensorimotor Approach to Psychotherapy, and historical neurophysiological states, with additional thought on meditation and prayer as stress management approaches.  (Just having a li’l fun there, folks.) Sometimes when reading these posts, I suppose the … Continue reading

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Those twisty seams on your Jeans

The problem: you get home from a walk and your jean seams are no longer down the sides of your legs, maybe wandering around to the front and back.  Sometimes only one leg seam is twisted. What made that happen? … Continue reading

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Rolfer™: NOT an embalmer!

The next person who says, “Now How Can I Keep This” is gonna get it. Full voice and energy.  No whimpering, even though this happens often enough that I would like to whimper.  Here’s what I will say:  “Rolfing Structural … Continue reading

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