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Lookin’ Good: Posture in “Science Daily”

Many have thought that this world’s random bodies need an organizing principle, and many have stepped forward to tell what that might be, including Ida Pauline Rolf, Ph.D. When Ida Rolf wanted to say that standing up straight in the … Continue reading

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Linda presents at the Rolf Institute Membership Conference: what will happen with whom and how.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that the last time I was involved in a presentation or improvisation of a John Cage composition, several people in the audience got up and ran out just before a weather … Continue reading

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Rolfing® Structural Integration definition in 206 words

We are lucky that Ida P. Rolf’s family name was not Larson, or we would be Larsoning away in this work which frees and organizes movement patterns and manually changes connective tissue, nerves, and muscles toward a more balanced and … Continue reading

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Fix Your Own Dang SHOULDER

An article in New York Times last week by Jane Brody has prompted me to take up the cudgel once again for fixing one’s own self.  In this case, shoulders can be one of the most aggravating injuries of our … Continue reading

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Apologie to Françoise Mézières

I have been accustomed to talking about the “Big Three” of bodywork, and I’m gonna stop doing that, Francoise Mezieres deserves to be added to the pantheon. It is the “Big Four”.  Ida P. Rolf, Francoise Mezieres, F.M. Alexander, and … Continue reading

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