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Breathing: Some Contraindications

I’m not talking about creating zombies here, dear Readers, I’m talking about some popular ways that have been taught, some for centuries, that just do you no good. You can match up your favorite dogmas with the next paragraph and … Continue reading

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News from the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Musician’s Summit

The recitatives of alternative/complementary medical practices– including Rolfing® Structural Integration– that did not cure dystonia victims went on and on. It was the second day, and in the afternoon 8 musicians described their experiences with diagnoses and treatment of their dystonia … Continue reading

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FDA: Statin Drugs Carry a Risk of Side Effects

Today, the headline writer for the Science Times, which comes out in the New York Times on Tuesdays, used the “weasel word” MAY  on the headline. A Heart Helper May Come at a Price for the Brain by Tara Parker-Pope … Continue reading

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