Linda presents: ISB convention, Fort Collins, June 6

Promises, promises, lol:

in 55 minutes we will cover and do experiential work with left and right hand and body in expansion-istic playing. This not meaning, “Aggravate your stand partner and audience with wild gestures!” We are going for flow.

1.the “exercises” for the hands include information on one stretch you should never do and others derived from the D.C. Dounis canon, as well as Rolfing SI. Do you know that in action the hands go all the way to the elbow?

2.ways to think about bowing so that you don’t get hurt. to know if an instrument fits *you* besides artistically

3. ways to have flow and use your whole body in playing in spite of the constraints of playing the bass.

More to come on the above….watch this space 🙂

My profile on the page for Certified Rolfers:

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  1. Sara Thompson says:

    I want to know more – love your talking points! Sorry I’m not going to be there.

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