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How does Rolfing®structural integration change connective tissue?

We can only speculate. There have been no double blind studies on changing connective tissue using structural integration techniques. In the beginning of Ida Rolf’s work, Dr. Rolf by experience knew only of working with dead connective tissue. She had … Continue reading

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Riding In the Clown Cars of Structural Integration

Some folks who do this work called “structural integration” will know this feeling. The feeling happens when we are having a conversation with someone about our work, maybe even a Rolf Institute of Structural Integration graduate, and BLAM the practitioner … Continue reading

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Linda presents: ISB convention, Fort Collins, June 6

Promises, promises, lol: in 55 minutes we will cover and do experiential work with left and right hand and body in expansion-istic playing. This not meaning, “Aggravate your stand partner and audience with wild gestures!” We are going for flow. … Continue reading

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What is the discipline of structural integration?

“It feels so good” just won’t do the job here. The original Granny’s recipe was designed by Ida Rolf to provide an approach to her subjective and artistic world of integration. The design always was capable of adaptation to differing … Continue reading

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Plantar fasciitis and Necrotizing fasciosis

At last, a new post, wherein I reveal that a near-pathological attention to the details and how they fit into the overall structure and movement of the body and a certain preoccupation with death leads me to fall with glad … Continue reading

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Stephen Porges and a 5,000 year old anti-anxiety technique

Fortunately, religious Hebrew people kept on saying and singing the “Shema” (trans. “Hear”)even though it was not scientifically proven. The polyvagal theorist Stephen Porges Ph.D. has informed us that there is a physiologic basis for calming us down which we … Continue reading

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Talent, Training, and Technique: A Primer for Wanna Be Rolfers™

Sitting around the city campfire (coffee shop, 16th and Pine, Philadelphia) this morning with the visiting Judith Peterson M.D., I told Judith that I was trying to write this blog about the role of talent in the structural and movement … Continue reading

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Tensional Integrity in our Bodies

Of all the weirdo ideas of the past century that turned out to be true, I believe Ida Rolf’s idea that the body is a “tensegrity” structure is probably the weirdest. She did love Buckminster Fuller. Think of it: a … Continue reading

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Ida’s Diaspora of Thought and Practice: structural integration out there where the air is rare

Ida Rolf managed to put some people off and inspire a lot more. Some of those folks she put off have gone off and interpreted their thoughts and dreams on and in her work, and developed followings, a diaspora which … Continue reading

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